Artist, Kimberly Breakwell (a.k.a. "KDB"), loves working in a "square" format. Currently, she is mainly focusing on creating custom, original, hand-painted artworks for children, decorative nail covers/drawer knobs, and handpainted frames for both children and adults. Any artworks that you see listed can also be exactly recreated for you as well, or the colors/patterns can be changed by request. KDB can create custom artworks, frames, and knobs to match any bedroom decor or theme. All are created using high-quality acrylics and sealed with protective, non-yellowing varnish. Paintings can either be done on stretched/wrapped canvas or on wood boards. Contact KDB at!


CUSTOM Decorative Drawer Knobs or Nail Covers

Add style to a piece of furniture with my decorative, handpainted drawer knobs...or they can be used as nail covers on the wall. A great idea is to even use them for hanging jewelry (see picture below). I can paint the knobs to coordinate with any bedding or room decor/theme, or if using as nail covers, I can paint them to coordinates with an artwork or other wall hanging. Knobs are available in a square or round shape. Each one is approx. 1 1/2". Each is finished/sealed with a protective varnish. To request custom knobs to be painted for you, please email me or visit my etsy shop. You may also choose from any of the numbered designs below and then specify your custom colors.
These knobs were designed to coordinate with a custom nursery bedding.

This set of knobs below was created for the owner of a photography business.
A great idea for the nail covers (knobs) is to even use them for hanging necklaces/jewelry!
My handpainted drawer knobs will help to add those special details and touches to your child's (or even your) bedroom. You will love the finished product!


Single Flower Canvas Paintings

In addition to split flower canvas paintings (see separate post), I also paint custom large flower canvas paintings in any colors and styles. The large flowers create a great focal point in a girl's room! Here are a few that I have done:


Custom Hardware Sets to match any bedding or decor...

I can custom paint hardware sets to coordinate with any bedding of decor! Pictured below are a couple of custom hardware sets that I have done for people that have consisted of knobs and/or pulls, curtain rod finials, lightswitch covers, and outlet covers. The customers just emailed me a couple of pictures of the bedding that they wanted me to base the designs on, and then I painted them to coordinate. If you do not want an entire custom set, I can also just paint any of the items seperately (i.e. drawer knobs, finials, wallplates).
Finished product...


Custom Painted Jewelry Holders

I now create custom jewelry holders that hang on the wall! It is a fabulous way to organize and display your jewelry, while having something that coordinates with your bedroom decor. I can customize one for you in any colors, styles, or patterns, with as many details to the knobs and/or background that you would like. Round or square knobs are available for the jewelry holders, as well as different size knobs.


Split Flower canvas paintings

My split flower canvas paintings are unique and make a great statement or focal point in a room. They would look very cute in any girl's room! I love customizing them in any style/design and any colors. I can paint the flowers on either two 8"x8" canvases or on two 12"x12" canvases. The sides of the canvases are also painted with wonderful coordinating details and I will attach hooks on the backs for hanging, so they'll be ready to be put up! The pink/brown flower is still available to purchase in my etsy shop, but the other flowers shown have either been custom orders for people or have already been purchased in my etsy shop.


Knobby Magnets

I now create what I like to call, "Knobby Magnets." They are available in a round or square shape knob with a heavy-duty magnet attached. Knobby magnets are wonderful for your refrigerator, perfect for magnet boards (I can paint them to coordinate), great for teachers, and they make fantastic gifts! I can paint any designs in any colors that you would like...totally customized for you. Here are some examples of ones that I have created for people:


Bunnies and Babies

I just painted this custom order for a girl's nursery. The pink and white bedding with the bunnies was so cute and quite unique as it had been all hand-made. The combination of the pinks/white with the gray/white plaid was fun to work with. I created a canvas painting and painted a magnet board with coordinating knobby magnets.

Here is a picture of the magnet board in the adorable nursery!