Artist, Kimberly Breakwell (a.k.a. "KDB"), loves working in a "square" format. Currently, she is mainly focusing on creating custom, original, hand-painted artworks for children, decorative nail covers/drawer knobs, and handpainted frames for both children and adults. Any artworks that you see listed can also be exactly recreated for you as well, or the colors/patterns can be changed by request. KDB can create custom artworks, frames, and knobs to match any bedroom decor or theme. All are created using high-quality acrylics and sealed with protective, non-yellowing varnish. Paintings can either be done on stretched/wrapped canvas or on wood boards. Contact KDB at!


CUSTOM Decorative Drawer Knobs or Nail Covers

Add style to a piece of furniture with my decorative, handpainted drawer knobs...or they can be used as nail covers on the wall. A great idea is to even use them for hanging jewelry (see picture below). I can paint the knobs to coordinate with any bedding or room decor/theme, or if using as nail covers, I can paint them to coordinates with an artwork or other wall hanging. Knobs are available in a square or round shape. Each one is approx. 1 1/2". Each is finished/sealed with a protective varnish. To request custom knobs to be painted for you, please email me or visit my etsy shop. You may also choose from any of the numbered designs below and then specify your custom colors.
These knobs were designed to coordinate with a custom nursery bedding.

This set of knobs below was created for the owner of a photography business.
A great idea for the nail covers (knobs) is to even use them for hanging necklaces/jewelry!
My handpainted drawer knobs will help to add those special details and touches to your child's (or even your) bedroom. You will love the finished product!